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Trump wins Presidency?

Lets face it - As a country, we were handed one of the worst presidential poker hands of ALL TIME.


         Never before has a Presidential election meant so much to so many people, and captivated the world such as the one that has yet to conclude. As we patiently wait for the remaining U.S. States to deliver their final numbers, it’s hard to not ask yourself or wonder, what’s next? What’s next for our country? What’s next for our States and local municipalities? For some, it may be a bit of anxiety and for others, it may be a sigh of relief. The relief coming in the form of actual change. 

           Maybe a candidate coming out of left field and turning the greed-infested government upside down is exactly what we needed to start moving in a better direction. Now granted, Trump needs to be more conscious of what he says in public, but it’s hard to believe that people would prefer a Commander-in-Cheif that outright lies to appease the media rather than someone who is 100% transparent and says what’s on his mind. As the pole numbers continue to pile in, the people of the world remain on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the completion of one of the most emotionally charged Presidential elections of our time. Fingers crossed. 

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